“Het gaat om uw innerlijke instelling. Een sieraad dat voor God grote en blijvende waarde heeft, is een vriendelijk en evenwichtig karakter.”
— 1 Petrus 3:4

Hi, I'm Angelyn. God's saving grace is everything to me. My laptop Lucy and iTouch Stuart hold the keys to my creative existence, and I like to jam with my little brown ukulele.

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☆ July 23, 2011

This is one of the most beautiful tracks I have ever heard for one of the most delicate and amazing parts of a movie.

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July 23rd / with 54 notes
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    Hans Zimmer and John Powell - Po Finds The Truth DEAR FUCKING LORD!!!
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    OMG im already gonna cry. i guess my feeling that the movie was gonna be good is correct ahahaha.
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    This is like what happened when Hans Zimmer and James Newton-Howard collaborated and made The Dark Knight soundtrack.
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